The way of the clouds

The way of the clouds

“You can’t mess with presence,” were the words of my friend Lane tonight. (who is an amazing biohacker and Bulletproof coach!)

It’s valid, she’s completely right. Accessing presence is like stepping into a river, it carries you and all you have to do is keep your head afloat. You’ll be swept along, no fighting, no grasping, no pain necessary.

Mallard Duck on Body of Water

It’s far easier to question it. Why is the water so strong, what if it takes me somewhere I don’t want to go, what if, what if? And the beauty of a present state of being is that it doesn’t take any accomplishing to make it work, it simply takes letting go. If you ever watch clouds you’ll see how they move, all amorphously and seemingly vague. But you’d also notice they always seem to get where they’re going. They aren’t racing along, they’re simply riding the wind. They come together and separate without a fight and don’t mind being dark or bright or so light they are nearly invisible. If they fall from the sky they know they’ll come back up one day, evaporation happens.

So when I’m coaching I feel the tug of my mind, trying to convince me to grasp at ideas or lurch for something that might “save me” from the next moment of unknown. But the type of coaching I’m training in is presence based coaching. So there’s no worry because the other person and I will have already dropped into presence and be existing there together, which synergestically is so much stronger and greater than being present alone.

What a photo, right?

It’s like writing this article, a simple process of allowing whatever I’m feeling to arise and pass through me into my fingers. It’s a connection of my mind and my energy and my heart. And, luckily, I learned how to type in the 6th grade.

But coaching, it’s existing in the state of allowance, the same state that every great artist has ever created from, which reveals the things people need to see at that moment in life. It’s not a me-teaching-you kind of thing. It’s about presence and presence can’t be messed with. 

Once you know how to be present, the only thing that slows you on your brilliant path is your mind, which loves to tell you all the reasons why you can’t pursue it so thoughtlessly, so passionately.. it’s more about slowing down to roll around in the what if’s and other fears.

Which is why presence based coaching is so beautiful. It reveals all of this without anyone having to think about it or even talk about it if it’s not desirable to do so. Everything’s just a little more.. understood.

I’m not saying that talk and thought aren’t necessary, they are. But thinking about what’s holding you back from reaching your highest potential is only going to hold you back further. Directly experiencing that fear or.. well, it’s pretty much always fear that holds us back (as love pushes us forward), is what allows it to reach its full potential, it’s most scary form, and then it looses all it’s power over you. It just sort of keeps expanding until it’s left you, like a ghost trying to fill a room and forgetting it can move through the walls and so leaves the room forever.

Presence is not to be messed with.. it’s the ultimate ghost buster. If you’re really struggling, try accessing presence. There are many great books on the subject and the ones I find most helpful are by Eckhart Tolle, particularly the Power of Now and A New Earth. Reading and experiencing by the wisdom shared there can take you very far.

White Moth Orchid


But experiencing presence alone can only take one so far. Sharing that state of being with someone, whether it be a coach, a mentor, a friend, or partner, is the next step. That step will reveal things you’d never thought you’d discover about yourself and the realities of this life. It will give you insights about who you are and what you really want, making clarity a genuine experience for the first time in your life. Don’t just take my word for it, try it and experience it yourself, that’s the only way to know something.

I promised a new friend tonight that I’d make this post, bridging the gap between the world of private writing and that of presence based coaching. I want to share this with people who are looking to explore their inner world. Presence is a way of being that will drastically change your world. So I’m making a promise also to anyone else who is listening: I’ll share this with anyone who is interested.

And if someone is interested in what I’m talking about, in trying it out and seeing if it does anything for you, please reach out. If you’re looking for someone different from me, I have quite a few friends in the field, men and women like us who are trying to touch something sacred and make it a small part of their everyday lives. I’d be happy to introduce you to one of them.

Writing is a beautiful process for me, but only so beautiful until it’s read. It’s only so great until it’s shared, and living presently is the same way. We can be like the clouds, floating in and out of each other, becoming great for moments and drifting away so we might understand what just happen and can bring it all the more fervently the next time. That’s my goal, to share and then rest in reflection so I can develop further and have more to share. To listen, to be there, to give people space and time to experience what comes up.


We can be like the clouds.

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