play while reading

play while reading

play while reading


I just need someone to leave me alone

someone who doesn’t call for 3 or 5 days

someone to make me wonder

i need to wonder.


A quick dance with myself

makes me wonder

do i need anything else

besides a fresh cup of coffee

a bottle of wine

a piece of cheese

and my own voice in my ears

running through the street

skipping alongside myself

i’ll play the electric guitar

and the drums

a one man band

playing for the crowd of one

the protagonist and antagonist

i’ll read out loud

and rub my own feet

cook dinner

take me for a walk

down to the water

and take a dip, laughing and talking

about all the good times I’ve ever had


reminisce about the good times to come



isn’t there more than just over indulgence

in the manly attributes that make us feel comfortable

like strength, food, beer and women

why are you gentlemen veering from digging deep

when your girl is waiting

for you to peel the orange of her heart

so that it might drip

down her chest

burn old paper

cause news is only news when it’s new

if you spend a day

reviewing your photos

spend the next

taking more

and remind her that you haven’t forgotten

by doing something completely

unlike your first date

because the scratches on a record

will always be heard

you can change the track

she’ll keep with the beat

if you can lead her to the floor

she’ll give you more

if you can’t open your lips

they can stay closed

and still give a kiss


Oh! juke joints of america!
show me your darkest corners

so I might emerge
with the first verse

grabbing whoever i pass
and spinning her mid song

to kick off my shoes
and feel the wood grain

maybe the stage is your place
but mine is the floor

glad for the music, the lights
and to be among the throng

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