Mantra, heart, step 1

Mantra, heart, step 1

What’s your mantra and what’s keeping you accountable?

Your mantra is heart.
Heart doesn’t lie.

If someone gave you a magic wand today and told you there was a no strings attached wave of the wand that will grant you the life of your dreams, what would it be?

This isn’t one of those genie lamps either where it’s three distinct wishes and you’re done (damn genies).

This one can be a run on sentence for days, no rules applied.

So wave away and let your heart tell you everything you ever dreamed of.

Experiences, travel, laughter, love, family, friends, personal growth, health, fitness, career, passion, spirituality. Let any of these things be part of your magic wish. And don’t worry about how you would get them just give yourself the freedom to imagine what it would be like if you absolutely could have it all without having to do anything but wave a wand.

Now, you’ve got this list, this fractioned story, and when you read it what does it make your heart feel?

–for me, my heart just speaks of fulfillment, excitement, and pleasure.

Pleasure is far reaching.

But what does it say to you? When you close your eyes and see the life of your dreams, see yourself having those experiences, sharing love and laughter, feeling vibrant, more awake than you ever have before, driven by a purpose that excites and satisfies you, feeling in touch with God or the universe or the energy that dwells in us all.. when you imagine, what do you feel in your heart? What does having the life of your dreams make you feel?

It comes slowly for some. Other’s feel as though the words have been sitting just below their chest for years, pressurized and come bursting out with a life of their own.

Write them down! Good God, whatever else you do, write them down. Big, bold, and however they come out, as messy or neat as you please as long as it’s true when you read it back to yourself.

Put them somewhere you’ll see them everyday.
This is the first step.
Now you know what you stand for, what your mantra is. Of course your story is equally important. Refine it if you wish but stick to whatever your heart and mind imagine as absolutely perfect (which will evolve over time, the best part as you’re not committed to anything for life).

in whatever language you wish.

Put this on the wall too.

Every day is an opportunity to reset your internal compass.

Think of it as a trekking adventure. You’re in the mountains and can’t see the valley or peak you’re hiking towards, but you do have a map and you do have a compass. You can choose to set your bearing for the day and that way you know you’re headed in the direction you wish, even if you can’t see the destination yet.

That’s where persistence in enjoying the moments between now and then matter the most. If you’re too occupied with the future you won’t enjoy the journey, you won’t see where you’re stepping and risk twisting an ankle and slowing yourself down. Just remind yourself of your destination once or twice a day, visualize yourself bathing in the cool creek down in the valley, or pumping your hands in the air when you make it to the top, imagine the feelings, sights, sounds, and most of all, the (insert Mantra here) of creating the life of your dreams.

Shortcuts will present themselves. Ideas will seem to emerge from nothingness. Your entire life, every moment, will begin to gear towards reaching those goals. Why? Because you’ve found your mantra, the thing your heart most desires, and when you give your mind and soul a destination that is what has always driven it, it will do whatever it takes to get there. Every frustration, pain, joy, satisfaction, anxiety, and anticipation have come from either stepping towards or away from your heart’s deepest desires.

For me it’s fulfillment, excitement, and pleasure. Those aren’t just concepts, they’re feelings, and feelings are infinite.

Next up, the steps after you’ve discovered your mantra and dream life.

Press on and be well.


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