Accusations of beauty

Accusations of beauty

It’s said that light itself changes the darkness, that darkness has no say so in becoming light.

I have a hard time believing this, as darkness is what allows light to exist. Without darkness, there would be nothing to become light.

In the same way that we wish to become or make it, there is a space that allows itself to be filled with our dreams.

Become the space, now and then, so that perspective is given. Light wouldn’t be light if there wasn’t a darkness to be lit. Your awareness can’t become aware of hopes, goals, and dreams if you aren’t aware of the awareness itself. Being the space is act of creative expansion. It’s creating more room for the products of your consciousness, the realizations of your dreams.

Don’t let them die. The blues are in everyone. But we only hear what we are listening for. Can you believe perception is subjective? Nothing is real until you perceive it and we only perceive 0.0001% of what’s there, and the perceived changes depending on what we look for.

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The world is a view through a revolving glass door into what we believe. Do you want to see beauty, grace, and peace? Or are you noticing the terrible, chaotic, and fearful things of the world? As much as you may hate to hear it, the world is a creation of your own. Don’t blame the world for being a bad place. Instead, accuse it of being beautiful.

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