Purposeful Exploration

Purposeful Exploration

Exploration isn’t just a hobby, it’s a purpose filled process. It’s the means by which we reach the end goal.

As children we are taught to methodically and calmly reach our goals. Usually these goals are revolving around education or sports. Rarely are we given the opportunity to look further into what it is that makes us dance or scream or laugh and cry.

So I invite the neglected child in you to try the following. (I recommend some music while trying, like the following:)

Feel something deeper than what you’re currently feeling. Take a deep breath and focus your attention into your chest. Imagine your heart is there, like a flaming ball of energy, revolving and bursting with bright energy, like fire. Now, place your attention on it, close your eyes, and feel yourself sink into that ball of fire. Rest there, let the energy build around you and in you. No need to define it, just feel it, experience it, know it.

As you read this, become aware of the feeling in your whole body. Feel that ball of fire spread its fingers through you, like electricity.

Now, follow your impulse. Whatever you feel first, allow it. If it’s a jerk of the shoulder, let that shoulder jerk and see what comes next.

If it’s a sound in your chest that wants to come out, let it, press it through, encourage it!

If it’s just shaking your head or doing pushups, do it!

Spend some time listening to the rest of this song, let whatever comes come and don’t worry, no one is watching or judging. Let it loose, if you can.


The fact is, we all have pent up emotions and experiences that we’ve never allowed. The more we get in touch with that lingering energy and let it out, the more true we are to ourselves, the more accurately we are living, the less sinful (as sin is latin for to be off the mark).

Align yourself with whatever it is you felt compelled to do, a dance move, words, a shout, a laugh, a flexion of your muscles or tears. Allow it completely.

And try, if you can, to feel where it’s coming from. Why are you expressing yourself this way?

For one I heard, “because I could never express myself as a child, my Dad always wanted me to be tougher.”

Another, “because my mother was so weak I never felt like I could be strong.”

“Because it feels good to dance.”

“Because it feels good to scream.”


That’s the truth. It really does feel amazing when we express our truest selves. Imagine you are the sun and there’s a whole planet of humans who can’t feel your rays, see your light, or enjoy your beauty. That’d only be like a million times more frustrating, but the point is that we are each meant to affect an audience of people in the world. There are specific souls who at this time, need exactly what it is we have to offer, what we are supposed to be sharing.

Only by encouraging those things that we held back from experiencing as children can we know what some of our earliest and thus truest inclinations were. Because as neonates we were as near perfection as we ever will be.

So go ahead, dance or sing, shout or scream, leap or stretch.

Something feels good to everyone. 

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