The Obstacle is the Way

The Obstacle is the Way

I was only a writer for so long

without knowing why and how

it would make me happy but

expressing myself was relief

I had something to say and

I didn’t know if anyone wanted

to hear it or if it could help

but I knew I felt better when I did


And now as I grow older and maybe

a little bit wiser through the years

Dawn has come of the age of dialogue

my age is one of dialogue redemption

Where has it all gone?


There were years I took it for granted

not recalling that I hadn’t really had

it years prior and would lose it soon

not because of the lack of desire in

me but because the world is not one

that craves the depth in me and you


now I grow into a new practice

one of listening and responding

without fear of being judged

God that’s the hardest part

no matter how mature I may

become that deep seated fear

is one to be wrestled with for-

ever as long as I attempt real


A response comes from truth

a reaction from fear of not

being heard or understood

responses strung together is

like a thousand birds doing

their dance, a flying swarm


Writing is my vice, not my gift

to the world and those who can

benefit from what comes through

this is not a self pro-

clamation of anything worthwhile

just a knowing that we all have

a reason to leave here without regrets


Will I look back with gladness

in my eyes and in the hearts of

those I knew that knew me too

or will I wish I had finally taken

time to live the life I’d been given

and gone peacefully into NEXT


I commit here, now, to giving

whatever I can that will help

the dialogue of the ONE life

that moves through you and I

whether it be the written word

the heard or the spoken verse


Differentiated that which matters

most to those I meet and see and

believe have something for us both

is only as hard as it is to look at the

scary monster in the dark beyond

your bed.


Rise up, oh greatest self, and step into

the shadows that contains your fear

because that’s where your good lay

always, the obstacle is the way.

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