Perspective of the Stars

Perspective of the Stars

I’ve thought about the stars

light years away

looking down at me, us, and

our worried minds, our

concerns of who and what

and how other people see

us and the stars, billions

of years old, who watch

every life that has ever

been or ever will be, they

sadly smile with pity.


As I worry whether option a or b is the best and I stick myself in a rut of inaction because I don’t want to screw this grand thing called life up

I think again of the stars, who have watched billions struggle the same and smiled on those who made the choice that felt right in a moment

because a moment is all we ever have, and the stars know that the more moments we live fully the more moments we are given

and the moments we toss away in worry or angst are like lives lost before they had the chance to ever live

at least, from the perspective of the stars.


so now and then

when i’m stuck in my head

i force myself off the ground

into the sky and past the pull

of the sun and it’s sisters

outside the arms of the

galaxy i’ve only known

from the view far below

and i soar through nothing

watching billions of years

of growth and death shine bright

and then dim with novacity

until time disappears and the

sun is only a spot and the galaxy

only a smudge.


and I have a nice think on that.

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