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Sir Sapling

I get it, there are plenty of people out there who are kind, respectful, agreeable, and overall incredibly underwhelming. We have enough people like that in this world. In some parts of the world it’s

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Purposeful Exploration

Exploration isn’t just a hobby, it’s a purpose filled process. It’s the means by which we reach the end goal. As children we are taught to methodically and calmly reach our goals. Usually

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Because I get fiery

There are escape artists, and there are arrival artists. “To be in a constant state of arrival while always departing,” that’s the trick, I heard it said once. I want the visceral, gripping

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Selection, Clarity, the Pocket

It’s said so often in many different ways. It occurred to me this morning that each different way of saying something is like a different language. We can all essentially say the same things: I

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impressions or persuasions

Have you ever thought about the impression you make on another person? What about that another is just an other (just kidding). Of course you have (to the former). We all, at some age, realize self consciousness.

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memory of love once known

I imagine casting a dry fly in a deserted, sandy, rock-banked creek. The water is aquamarine but crystal clear. I cast a fiberglass rod, firmly and gently. My fly, a mayfly imitation, lands delicately

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Accusations of beauty

It’s said that light itself changes the darkness, that darkness has no say so in becoming light. I have a hard time believing this, as darkness is what allows light to exist. Without darkness, there

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the thought that counts

Sometimes words are too much. They simply take away from what already is so perfect: the space that allows them to exist. The less we speak the more we say and that is effective communication. When you

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The space itself

I met a man who told me a story of everything that mattered most to him. He started with how he came to be a firefighter. It evolved from a learning experience that revealed to him the value of being

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Step 2, the rest of it.

While it’s still fresh, I move on to step 2. Notice step 1. There’s a story of two men who lead separate lives but whose stories intertwine closely. There was one man, completely healthy and

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