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Hey it’s me, I’m dynamite

There’s a squirrel outside my window that I watch regularly. I usually see him out of the corner of my eye moving up or down an oak tree that’s on the fence line that separates my yard with

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Hills and waterfalls

Are we rivers or roads? Imagine a network that joins together and leads to one place, one grand destination in the western country, sort of like the journey to Boulder in the Stand. Imagine it starts as

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Self talk

There is a hole in a wall that has always been like a log underwater where a fish lives it’s always been and always will He can swim through the darkness or not Does a fish know he swims in water? How

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Zoos and parades

Relativity became this thing that wrapped me up like a scarf in the dessert Hiding me from the blunt minds, the kind eyes that knew no better Because it showed me How anything is worth gratitude If you

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Rapid transpo

Go to work, hear the tones, do the job, listen some more, eat your lunch, drive your car, breath, do it again. I was speaking with a friend yesterday about scheduling. I’m not very type A but she

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I dream a pygmy

What we think of ourselves is often either tragically skewed from the truth of who we are, or desperately undervalued from how others see us. What is it that keeps us from being what we dream we can be? “the

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Wolves and words

I was driving to work this morning and had the thought of “what is valuable to people like me?” Like-minded people want and need similar things. I always value the opinions of people who think

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That 10%

65% or 6.5/10 However you look at it, I felt less than bulletproof when I woke up this morning. Even now after some serious hacks and time spent “on the inside”, trying to get it right, I’d

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The Unconscious Cook

I don’t write just for write’s sake, but I do find it necessary to write regardless of the project the writing is done for. Let’s be honest though; there’s always something to

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