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Magic, what?

There’s an unpopular prerogative that every human has, a thing we were all born with the rights to the way a lion is born with a place in a pride. It’s magic. There are so many words in the

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Thank you, Wanee

We danced together, though not with one another. Bobby was mellow and the band followed his lead. We all did. It tends to happen when you’ve spent more time playing guitar and singing on stage than

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Lucid Dreaming

Why do we dream? Maybe we need to, the way we have to evacuate our bowels or polish off that last bite of steak even though we’re full. It’s not (often) a choice, to dream. It just happens.

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The Truth of Tribes

Some moments of my life are effortless and rewarding, the way it is for a surfer who catches a wave or when a musician is really tight in the pocket. Others seem to be pulled slowly and painfully from

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Eye-gazing for Life

In any relationship, there are two forms of experience. To know them, we’ll use the example of eye-gazing. This is where two people look into each others eyes for an extended amount of time without

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True Dialogue, part II

In my last post on dialogue, I left a few questions open for discussion and further review: “There’s much more to the matter: what else do we desire from conversation? Why are we often afraid

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The kaleidoscope wheel

Our world is so similar to a kaleidoscope. We are looking and things are constantly changing, with moments of shape shifting dispersed between moments of clarity. Seeing the shapes seems to be the goal

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Sir Sapling

I get it, there are plenty of people out there who are kind, respectful, agreeable, and overall incredibly underwhelming. We have enough people like that in this world. In some parts of the world it’s

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fear and beauty

“… and when they hugged they were each afraid to move, afraid that the slightest stirring would change the moment, that the smallest adjustment might be taken as an attempt to get out of the

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play while reading

play while reading   I just need someone to leave me alone someone who doesn’t call for 3 or 5 days someone to make me wonder i need to wonder.   A quick dance with myself makes me wonder do

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