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Selection, Clarity, the Pocket

It’s said so often in many different ways. It occurred to me this morning that each different way of saying something is like a different language. We can all essentially say the same things: I

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Revel in your FLOW

  What is it about revelations that are so powerful, so attractive? I love them. They are literally a part of my day, every day, because I choose so. I enjoy the moment, the a-ha of a discovery.

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The way of the clouds

“You can’t mess with presence,” were the words of my friend Lane tonight. (who is an amazing biohacker and Bulletproof coach!) It’s valid, she’s completely right. Accessing

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Self talk

There is a hole in a wall that has always been like a log underwater where a fish lives it’s always been and always will He can swim through the darkness or not Does a fish know he swims in water? How

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That 10%

65% or 6.5/10 However you look at it, I felt less than bulletproof when I woke up this morning. Even now after some serious hacks and time spent “on the inside”, trying to get it right, I’d

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The Unconscious Cook

I don’t write just for write’s sake, but I do find it necessary to write regardless of the project the writing is done for. Let’s be honest though; there’s always something to

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