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fear and beauty

“… and when they hugged they were each afraid to move, afraid that the slightest stirring would change the moment, that the smallest adjustment might be taken as an attempt to get out of the

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play while reading

play while reading   I just need someone to leave me alone someone who doesn’t call for 3 or 5 days someone to make me wonder i need to wonder.   A quick dance with myself makes me wonder do

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sincerely unaffected

Do you ever think of others’ thoughts of you?   There is little more debilitating than the fear of sincerity based on imagination. What’s funny is the incredible power in just the opposite,

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meta doodle dandy

What about when everything changes and we’re left with remains running through our fingers like sand? Can you raise your hands and see through the holes at the stars that lay beyond? Are you free?

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Hills and waterfalls

Are we rivers or roads? Imagine a network that joins together and leads to one place, one grand destination in the western country, sort of like the journey to Boulder in the Stand. Imagine it starts as

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