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True Dialogue, part I

From the Dialogue on dialogue hierarchy: What is it about conversation that we desire so deeply? There’s a hierarchy in most discussions that is surpassable. That’s what’s brilliant,

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The kaleidoscope wheel

Our world is so similar to a kaleidoscope. We are looking and things are constantly changing, with moments of shape shifting dispersed between moments of clarity. Seeing the shapes seems to be the goal

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Sir Sapling

I get it, there are plenty of people out there who are kind, respectful, agreeable, and overall incredibly underwhelming. We have enough people like that in this world. In some parts of the world it’s

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Step 2, the rest of it.

While it’s still fresh, I move on to step 2. Notice step 1. There’s a story of two men who lead separate lives but whose stories intertwine closely. There was one man, completely healthy and

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morning routines

Mornings are a beautiful time for me, I’ve always had a reverence for them. It’s probably related to being pulled out of bed in time to see the sunrise many mornings of my life (at least during

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Mantra, heart, step 1

What’s your mantra and what’s keeping you accountable? Your mantra is heart. Heart doesn’t lie. If someone gave you a magic wand today and told you there was a no strings attached wave

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The Descent

Does anyone else feel the same way? My life is series of groovy rhythms and nostalgic love songs. “I feel pretty good today, like the kool aid I’m drinking is working. About time.” he

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play while reading

play while reading   I just need someone to leave me alone someone who doesn’t call for 3 or 5 days someone to make me wonder i need to wonder.   A quick dance with myself makes me wonder do

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Have you ever been

Have you ever been somewhere that elated you? Where are you? do you ever stop and recognize where you are? not your place, but where you’ve come to be, who you’ve come to be?   I’ve

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Zoos and parades

Relativity became this thing that wrapped me up like a scarf in the dessert Hiding me from the blunt minds, the kind eyes that knew no better Because it showed me How anything is worth gratitude If you

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