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Hope and Fear

I found a quote this morning by Nelson Mandela. It read, “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” I wandered around the house after that, a little shocked, a little stupefied, and a little

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Perspective of the Stars

I’ve thought about the stars light years away looking down at me, us, and our worried minds, our concerns of who and what and how other people see us and the stars, billions of years old, who watch every

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Answer Honestly

Why do we assume everyone else is impenetrable and that we are the only vulnerable ones? How is it that our outside perception of the world around us is a misnomer, and that we actually only perceive that

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The Descent

Does anyone else feel the same way? My life is series of groovy rhythms and nostalgic love songs. “I feel pretty good today, like the kool aid I’m drinking is working. About time.” he

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sincerely unaffected

Do you ever think of others’ thoughts of you?   There is little more debilitating than the fear of sincerity based on imagination. What’s funny is the incredible power in just the opposite,

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