A compelling talk given by Jacquelyn on inspiration. Is it purpose, inspiration, motivation or what that helps us live a fulfilled life?

Did you truly live? Are you dreaming or the dreamt? It's a question that dying people were asked..

Jason Silva just kills it on the matter. The entire Shots of Awe series is just this, maddeningly inspiring.

Bo Eason is an amazing individual.. runt gone NFL star, to broadway actor to motivational speaker, this guy has a story worth listening to. At 40 minutes it's a good one to cook to. 

Emily Fletcher is a woman after my heart (although I don't think she's interested..). She gives a really touching talk at A-Fest she calls, How to Save the World in 2 Steps. It's really honest, beautiful, and sort of heartbreaking. At only twenty minutes, prepare to have a new lady crush faster than you could watch an episode of the Simpsons:

What really makes you happy? According to this study it's as simple as what this seven minute video says about gratitude, with real volunteers. A fun and inspiring watch. 

If you haven't discovered Maria Popova and her blog Brain Pickings, here's a few inspiring posts to start with:

Along with a fantastic book (The ONE Thing) that will take you from dawdling to leaping, Gary Keller provides this simple worksheet that helps identify purpose quickly and nail down practical steps towards being effective.