The Goods

Besides a good old fashioned sitting mindfulness practice, the emWave2 by Heartmath is my favorite meditation hack.

It’s a revolutionary and simple device that I’ve gifted more than once to loved ones.

The magic lies in it’s ability to sync your heart rhythm with your brain waves. It’s called a state of “coherence”.

Here’s a very simple instructional provided by the Hearthmath Institute on how to reach coherence quickly and effectively.

Read about the full benefits here.
Here’s my personal write up about it.

The five minute journal is a super simple and effective tool to get you in the right state at the beginning of your day, and to really lock in what’s been effective at the end.
I’d say it’s a brain and heart training tool, above all else.

Guys I can’t recommend focus@will enough. It’s a seamless soundtrack based on the kind of music you flow to. Classical? You got it. Acoustic? Sure. Electronic? Instrumental? Baroque Piano? They have it all. The best part is you can select the amount of time you want to flow, with a subtle bell that goes off to let you know you should take a break. I am absolutely most effective when using focus@will, whether it be writing, studying, website design, or anything else. There are no words to these tracks, just a seamless arrangement of tracks you’ve most likely never heard. Click on the image to learn more about the science and how it works!