That 10%

That 10%

or 6.5/10
However you look at it, I felt less than bulletproof when I woke up this morning. Even now after some serious hacks and time spent “on the inside”, trying to get it right, I’d still say I’m lingering somewhere between 70-80%.

Here’s the problem:
I’ve lived in this range for extended amounts of time and for much of that time I didn’t even realize I wasn’t functioning at the top of my game. But knowing I was close to 90% made me feel pretty good. I mean sure, I figured I wasn’t at that lofty 100% operating capacity that I’d heard about, but I didn’t imagine it was that big of a difference anyway.

However, relative to the capacity of 100%, 10% is just that: 1 out of 10. But relative to nothing 10% could be everything. I’ve been in such low places before where anything better was more than I could dream of. Going from 30% to 40% was ground breaking. 40% to 50% was life changing. And each of these steps took time and patience and diligence but they happened and they altered the way I saw the world, each and every time.

For someone barely clinging to life, 10% is 10 times more alive than they just were.

That is significant.

So then there’s bulletproof.

Being bulletproof isn’t being 100%, it’s the ability to choose where you want to be on that 1-100 scale. Because with knowledge there comes the great choice, “what’s most important to me?”

I have questions in my mind like, “is this bite of more important than feeling great?” So is a short lived flavor on your tongue and thus the release of dopamine what matters most to me?

What about to you?

I try and affirm, really just remind myself, that, “nothing is as important to me as feeling my best.”  Because it’s not just feeling good (and definitely not feeling good about myself), but knowing that I’m doing better today in all ways than I was yesterday. It’s looking around and realizing, that in some unknown way I’m accomplishing more. I’m being a better version of myself because of the little choices. And it’s staying out of that danger zone, that seriously stagnant 65-85% of what I can be, that makes a tangible difference not only to me but to everyone I come in contact with.

It allows me to reach out and touch things that cool my finger tips like ice water and sooth me like the starry night sky.  It gives my words a soft rustle like blades of grass and my feet wings like a cat.

What does it give you, that extra 10%?

Better yet, it’d be worth all of our time to figure out what it is exactly, that gives us any extra percent. That is biohacking. And it’s up to us to decide which hacks are worth the percentage gained and which are best left in the butter dish.

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