I dream a pygmy

I dream a pygmy

What we think of ourselves is often either tragically skewed from the truth of who we are, or desperately undervalued from how others see us.

What is it that keeps us from being what we dream we can be?

“the only true dreamers are the ones who are in love.”

Often it’s too vague. I can be great, I can be so happy, I can be better..
To quote Atticus Finch, “do you really think so?”

Then other times it’s just not exactly right. We have an idea of something and we start trying to be it and discover it’s not me after all.
But, eventually, if we are persistent, and persistence is half the battle, we will discover the thing that makes us tick, its the water in our bucket, the gel in our hair–our passion.

Yet so many of us are incomplete dreamers.

When we sleep at night our brains finish all of the bits and pieces of stories from our day that were interrupted or incomplete for whatever reason, literally connecting all the dots to make complete pictures so it can store them accordingly. Our minds work it all out as we snooze peacefully and when we wake up we feel relaxed and refreshed (or at least we should but this isn’t a lesson on biology so let’s continue) because the incompleteness of the day and all of it’s little starts and stops have come to be a complete picture.  We can continue in peace.

Yet so many of us are incomplete dreamers. What does that mean?
It’s that we don’t take the reigns in our day to day lucidity and live out our dreams. And that’s my original question: Why not?

Fear___ #bs

Can you believe that fear is a joke? It’s simply the lack of Love (which Love as we know it is a grand joke too just in a slightly more cosmically appropriate way). Fear has no real power unless we lose touch with the creative Love of the universe, the real Love that powers me to take a drink of water or write this or that allows Dan Mullen to coach the bulldogs and ol’ Luddy van Bethoven to orchestrate some of the most heartfelt arrangements in existence.
So when we allow fear to take the reigns we obviously can’t create our dreams, as they come from Love.

So is Love the absence of fear or fear the absence of Love?

I believe it’s the former.

Love is the background. It’s the white canvas. It is always there and as a newborn you are nearly completely white. But time is real and so is emotional baggage and that is, most often, what our families and the world lays on us from day 1. As the years pass our perfect white becomes a medley of the experiences we have in a lifetime.

Now, no one dreams of being a white canvas. Granted, it’s the perfect state and I imagine Jesus, the Buddha, and the other enlightened ones were very close to it, but not many people who dream of great things imagine themselves as the perfect healer or the compassionate being who might lead the world to be a better place. Those people are born white (canvas talk again) and seem to have a bubble around them.

Instead, we dream of being great writers, musicians, lovers, artists, dancers, teachers, business people. We want to show the world that we are beautiful. Mostly, it seems to me, we want to take all of the colors the world has shit all over us since birth and arrange it beautifully.

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Our true colors are always here, we can’t really help it, so don’t be angry with your parents, or that girl who never loved you back or that boss who refuses to acknowledge your genius. They influenced you, yes, but you don’t have to stay standing under the bucket of paint as it spills on your head. It’s simply a stroke of the brush to move out from under it and head towards that picture behind your eyes you see when you dream.

So don’t be afraid, because fear is the color black. It doesn’t just cover up the Lovely white we are born with, it blots out all of the beautiful potential our lives up until this point have given us to create with. Never regret a moment of your life. Each experience can be either a stain or an accent to what is shaping up to be a pretty amazing dream come true.

Good night my friends.


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