Zoos and parades

Zoos and parades

Relativity became this thing
that wrapped me up like a scarf in the dessert
Hiding me from the blunt minds, the kind eyes that knew no better
Because it showed me

How anything is worth gratitude
If you are continuously confounded by the relative
Nature of the beast
That lets us breathe

A cavalcade of beats and shaky knees
Hearts pumping to snares and chimes
Blended into the evaporated sweat and screams
As we all proceed

When a leaf sighs and laughs
and asks where you’ve been
to make it this far
Just to listen.

A stretch with sleepy eyes
A yawn and happy body
Amidst the menagerie that we cross every day
To come back home to each other

Realtivity is the gauge of the experience
A tear in the eye, excellent
Wounds without death, excellent
Me without you, relatively excellent.

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