Self talk

Self talk

There is a hole in a wall that has always been
like a log underwater where a fish lives
it’s always been and always will
He can swim through the darkness or not

Does a fish know he swims in water?
How can he until he’s been removed?

Life in a world of watery rules
Need not break them as they aren’t real
no more than the idea to him
that water is the only place to live

Grow some legs and shriek to the sky
“I won’t go down and I will not fight!”

antelope canyon, canyon, cliff


Why do wheels spin so fast? Isn’t there a place where we’ll all slow down?
There’s time for faction, there’s time for the paint to be thrown and the trees to be saved. I’m all for someone making ginormous attacks on the world, the one that blankets us from birth. Flying in the face of convention, it’s what has discovered new things since forever. It is the fodder for the growth and evolution of our species. It takes thinking differently, outside of how we are raised to think. And not just raised by our parents, but the world is right there too, raisng us in it’s image. We have a choice, at whatever point we realize that we can, to choose to seek the truth of ourselves. It’s an inward search that takes us through the deep and shallow paths of the world. Some are old grooves like the escalantes of the Utah dessert, worn by years of searchers before us, opened up and beautiful, but well worn and similar to the others. Some will be like the game trail along a creek, traveled just enough that we can follow the path without getting lost, and here we find incredible beauty and discovery which we must make our business to share with those who will never find that path. We must paint the path attractively enough that those who have no interest may find some and be affected (one reason it’s good to know what makes people who are different than you tick). Then there is the path not taken, the tall grass, the deep snow, the dark water. No one who first looks at this is ready but that’s what your whole life is for. Take time seriously, friend, as you don’t have forever and a day but you have got time to take. Every experience leading up to that opportunity you see that scares you, that tingles in your toes and chest, is training for that final dive. It’s the one that never ends (it goes on and on my friend). So once you’ve walked your game paths til mud is on your boots and the grass is bent and broken, be ready. Because one day you’ll be walking your path, admiring the scenery, having just learned to enjoy the comforts of these types of paths, and you’ll come to a cliff. You’ll peek over in wonder and see a dark deep hole. You can throw a rock off and hear it land water. Is it safe?


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Most of us will not immediately jump, and that’s how our species has made it to 2016 (granted we lost two of the Homo species). We will consider if it’s the right choice, to jump. Can we turn around and it be the right thing to do? You can look back down your game path and remember that when you first stepped onto it you didn’t know where it would lead and the next choice would be no different.

This is no different.

Looking back you see a fog rolling in. It will soon hide your view of the water hole below, it will be come even more daunting. Will you jump now, before the fog clouds your heart? Will you wait in the mud for so long and begin to feel insane so that you might jump through the fog and hope for the best? Or will you turn around and go back down the same path you’ve been on?

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There’s a reason it was a path already before you.

Don’t you want to make a first splash? Don’t you want to change the world forever?

Person Doing Cliff Diving during Daytime


  • Kate
    Posted at 04:46h, 30 June Reply

    I do.

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